YÖK’s recent decision regarding 5-9 June 2015

As YÖK’s recent decision regarding 5-9 June 2015, the following will be applicable on these days:


  • On the 5th (Friday) and 8th (Monday) of June, the lessons will proceed but we will not take attendance on these days;
  • As for the make-up lessons (afternoon group) on the 5th of June,  we will have them but again we won’t take any attendance;
  • On 9th (Tuesday) of June, we will start taking attendance as usual;
  • Instructor Evaluation Questionnaire on the 5th of June is delayed until further notice considering there won’t be many students on that day.  New date and time will be communicated to you;
  • Students missing final copy writing on Monday will have the right to complete their final copies on a later day in that week prior to the final exam on condition that they submit a written proof that shows s/he voted outside İzmir along with a petition stating this fact to Günseli.  She will inform you on the students who will be entitled to write final copies.

Please let your students know about the situation.