The Mission of Yasar University English Preparatory Class is to deliver high-quality English Language instruction to its students who are non-native speakers of the language. The Intensive English Program aims to furnish students with essential language skills to pursue their studies in their subsequent departments and/or programs as well as communicate effectively in their future social and professional lives.

The Prep Class is fully committed to offering quality language instruction to its learners in a learner-centered environment. Recognizing that each language learner has individual preferences and need to act in the language, the Prep Class puts emphasis on learners attaining mastery in all four skills and gaining linguistic and communicative competence. In addition to these goals the instructors in the Prep Class constantly seek and apply a variety of language teaching methods and techniques that best fit the materials, learners, and the curriculum to promote self-directed learning. In order to involve and empower learners to achieve their educational goals, instructors act as facilitators and guides of the learning process where the learners are encouraged to make the most of curricular and extracurricular activities.

It is also paramount that all stakeholders in the Prep Class are committed to teaching approaches and techniques conducive to learning by acknowledging and respecting personal differences and preferences. Through the application of this teaching philosophy, the Prep Class strives to create a rewarding learning experience.