CULTURE ET CIVILISATION FRANÇAISE I – Visite à des maisons Levantines – le 27 octobre 2023

          Within the framework of the French Culture and Civilization I course, students from the YAŞAR-ECAM Engineering Faculty (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) embarked on a captivating journey to explore the historical Levantine Mansions in Bornova. These mansions stand as poignant exemplars of intercultural dialogue.

         Steeped in Levantine heritage, these residences have been home to families of European origin for centuries, establishing their roots in the Middle East, particularly in Izmir, starting in the 17th century. These mansions not only unveil a fascinating chapter in the city’s history, characterized by cross-cultural exchanges, but they also persist as dynamic centers of cultural convergence. Here, Turkish traditions, art, and various evocative artifacts harmoniously converge, creating a vibrant scene where the local culture interacts seamlessly with the broader global context. The Levantine Mansions in Bornova thus serve as living witnesses to the enduring connections between diverse communities, embodying the rich tapestry of Izmir’s cultural legacy.